The Sony A37 has an average review score of 85%

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Sony Alpha A37 review
The A37 is a patchwork of other Sony SLT cameras past and present. Its ultimate goal: to be as budget as possible. And it achieves that with bells on.
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Sony Alpha A37 DSLR / SLT Review
The camera feels great, working as expected with a good number of controls and buttons giving quick access to settings. The camera's small size works in its favour as well by making the camera easy to pick up and take with you. The Sony Alpha A37 delivers excellent images with low noise and great colour making it a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a fast compact Digital SLR.
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Sony Alpha 37 review
With the Alpha a37, Sony has developed another interesting and very usable camera to sit in its lineup. Image quality - arguably the most important factor - is great, with excellent colour, details and dynamic range. However, the handling could be improved, and there are a fair few disappointments when it comes to what can be shot in raw format, and what can't.
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Sony Alpha SLT-A37
Despite its mediocre LCD screen, the Sony Alpha SLT-A37 makes a worthy purchase for first-time users with its good low-light performance, quick autofocus system and a good feature set
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