The Sony A77 has an average review score of 83.7%

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Sony SLT-A77 In-depth Review
The Sony Alpha SLT-A77 is on the whole, a very enjoyable camera to shoot with. It offers an appealing combination of high-technology and good old-fashioned manual control, with a smattering of useful automatic modes, like Sweep Panorama and DRO+ which we really enjoy using.
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Sony Alpha A77 review
The Sony Alpha A77 is an excellent addition to Sony‚??s single lens translucent range. As the flagship model within the range it‚??s extremely well specified and flexible camera with a generous range of features that will appeal to serious photography enthusiasts.
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Overall, there are only a few minor niggles to comment on with the Sony Alpha A77 - namely a bit of a sluggish start-up time, slight delay when switching between using the EVF and LCD for shooting and high ISO noise performance that, while still very good, doesn't quite match that of its major rivals.
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