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florencia darlene Winship

Posted by jconanan on Saturday, November 28th, 2015

I have excellent first and the best Rocky Bleier Jersey valuable plan and, Of course, ‘m perusing since I use involving. It’s known as"Willy Woo OO oo" Compiled by Betty Ren Wright and additionally created by florencia darlene Winship, And thus penned in 1951 by way of Whiteman establishing ture over Racine, ‘. These […]

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“Buck 4 money” And a Silent sell. Buck 4 money

Posted by jconanan on Thursday, November 26th, 2015

I am a motor motorcycle. But I arrive honor code. And that is frankly. To raise funds for use Free Ride, Horses4Heroes will be involved in two major fund raising events during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, "Buck 4 money" And a Silent sell. Buck 4 money, An offer at The Rock House at The […]

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Clonazepam 2mg Pills

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009



Are you a photoshop guru?

Clonazepam 2mg Pills, Writing tutorials can be quite a challenge, and is always on the lookout for talented photoshoppers to teach the community great techniques and tips.

If you're interested in writing tutorials for, Clonazepam price, coupon, Clonazepam from canadian pharmacy, contact us, and tell us specifically your idea for an article or tutorial and what fee you wish to be paid, Clonazepam pills. Clonazepam in japan,  We will set you up with a author account on our blog where you can write your tutorial and submit it for review directly on the website.

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26 Responses to “Clonazepam 2mg Pills”

  1. Ben Rama Says:

    Hi ,Joe my name is Ben and I’ve been a designer for the past 2 yrs.I’m interested in publishing some of my tutorials.Can we please discuss setting up a contributor account.If your intereseted I can send you a tut.I also have some video tutorials aswell as written and can write blog style articles about various Ps topics. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Ben

  2. Joe Says:

    Hi Ben

    I’ve set you up with a contributor account, and you should be emailed your login and password details and a link for how to access the site.

    Once you’re logged in, you can write your tutorial by navigating to Posts > Add post.

    Once you have finished writing your tutorial, click submit for review and i’ll check it out. Can you please let me know when you’ve finished writing a tutorial, so I can have a look.
    If/when I approve the tutorial you’ll receive $50 via pay pal.

    The only stipulation is that you cannot re-distribute your tutorials on another website once it has been accepted. If a tutorial is rejected, you can of course publish it on any other site you wish.

    Just so you’re aware of the kind of quality of tutorials i’m looking for, have a look at

    If you’ve got any questions, please let me know.



  3. Jash Sayani Says:

    What about screencasts ?

    And are QuickTips allowed??

  4. Joe Says:

    I’m not really looking for individual quicktips… However, a tutorial combining a number of quick tips could be good.

    Re screencasts, I’d be looking for the tutorial to be written out as well (with images)

  5. mike Says:

    Hello Admin. I am very interested in writing a photoshop tutorial. I have 3 years experience in Photoshop manipulations and others.

    Please email me and do add me in your list. Thanks

  6. Gutem Says:

    I’d like to write some tuts. I’m a photograper and Designer.

  7. Nikhil agrawal Says:

    i want earn money with photoshop.

  8. Victor Velazquez Says:

    Hi Joe, my name is Victor and I’ve been working with Photoshop for the past 2 years now. I also have some experience with GIMP and HTML. I would like to write some tutorials for Psdrockstar. Can you set me up an author account?

  9. nisha gandhi Says:

    hai I want to write a tutorial….I have 2 yrs experience in photoshop

  10. archana Says:

    i want to write tutorials can u guide me plz, how to start doing it with ur site.plz reply soon

  11. jeprie Says:

    currently im writing a tut on this picture.
    i hope i can submit this here.
    if you interested please email me.

  12. Fernando Santos Says:

    Hi ,Joe my name is Fernando Santos , im from Brazil but been live in us for about 10 year, and I’ve been a designer for the past 2 yrs , now with few more class in design and photoshop .I’m interested in publishing some of my tutorials.Can we please discuss setting up a contributor account.If your intereseted I can send you a tut. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Fernando santos

  13. Asim Ahmed Siddiqui Says:

    Hi I am very impressed with your site’s look and feel, I want to write some tutorials for you. If you have an email address then I can send you some end-results of some of my tutorial concepts.


  14. 20+ Best Websites That Really Pay You To Write Tutorials Says:

    […] Link: Write for PSD Rockstar […]

  15. Mahesh Says:

    I have already have a blog where I written my own tutorial on photoshop. I love to do it.
    now I have great idea. thanks

  16. Burl Geurts Says:

    Hi, this is quite interesting, I would love to find more resources like that. Thank you very much :)

  17. Megaturks Says:

    Thank you for nice article.Best regards.

  18. Narendra Keshkar Says:

    Hello Joe,

    My name is Narendra Keshkar and I’m playing with pixels since 4 years. Interested in writing tutorial for you but can discuss it via mail. Also if you need I can send you my previous tutorials to have a look.

    Do let me know if you are interested in it.

    good day!

  19. Raymond Serion Says:

    Hi I am very impressed with your site’s design and aura, I want to write some tutorials and i want to publish it here. What would be the process so that I can publish my tutorials here…tnx..

  20. Justin Jackson Says:

    Hello dear Joe…
    Well im interested to put some of my Photoshop works on this Website… To help people and community… Well i will really share with you some of my works that can be interested and good for the future students and beginners… well if your accept my offer.
    You can E-Mail me…
    Good bye, and thanks.

  21. Rizqi AR Says:

    Hello, I’d like to write tutorials, too.
    Count me in? :)

  22. Itclinick Says:

    delighted to be visiting on this web and read an interesting article, thank you for the information:)

  23. Coder @ LearnFrenchSoftware Says:

    I know a bit about photoshop and how to treat photos
    making them to come out fine. Can I really earn $10 by
    writing a tutorial on that. How do I get paid?

  24. Eziashi: stopsweatingreview Says:

    I have been searching for a place to display my talent. But how do I start writing tutorials on photoshop. Is there any form to fill and how flexible I’m I supposed to work?

    I’m very much ready.

  25. Narendra Keshkar Says:

    Hello Joe,

    I’m too interested in writing photoshop tutorial for you. Please let me know more details about it.

    Best Regards,

  26. Martin Says:

    10 dollars …I really can make some Photoshop tutorials but it will take me around 4 hours so I will making 2.50 per hour

    where the hell are from? are you in the USA? I thing the price you paying is illegal like you are the Photoshop

    good luck and thanks for the laugh!

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