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Posted by Joe on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Are you a photoshop guru? Writing tutorials can be quite a challenge, and is always on the lookout for talented photoshoppers

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Download 30 sets of free Social Bookmarking Icons

Posted by Joe on Monday, December 15th, 2008

This free icon sets collection contains all most all popular social media icons like, Digg, Mixx, DesignBump, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Developer Zone, DesignFloat, Technorati, Twitter and RSS feed. The icons which you see below are some real creative and most beautiful, ranging from web 2.0 to hand drawn designs. Although initially intended to be used […]

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Contest: 1,000 free business cards giveaway

Posted by Joe on Friday, October 24th, 2008


This is my first contest here at PSD Rockstar, so am going to make it simple and sweet. came forward to sponsor 1,000 free business cards to giveaway. I think these free business cards will help you promote your design, coding, blog or web services.

You can choose any of there stocks, including the eco-friendly cover stock (13 pt. Cover Uncoated – Recycled) or the 14 pt. family in Matte, AQ, or UV at any custom size they offer such as square cards, odd sizes like 3×3, 2×2

How to enter?
All you have to do is simple comment below on What will you do if you win these business cards?.
Optional: Just post about this contest in your blog to gain 5 more credits.

Contest starts from October 23, 2008 and ends on November 8, 2008. On November 9 one lucky winner is picked randomly and awareded with 1000 Free Business Cards. You can participate from any corner in the world.

About the Sponsor:
For over 25 years, U-Printing has been a trusted leader in Business Cards Printing. Featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free Project Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment. U-Printing offers the most convenient marketing support services like design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium businesses. They offer faster turnaround with minimal human error and lower overhead cost. This allows providing customers with consistently high-quality printing at the lowest possible prices.

Shipping is free for United States and Canada only. So if you live outside those areas, you will have to pay for shipping but the cards will still be free!

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30 Responses to “Contest: 1,000 free business cards giveaway”

  1. Angie Bowen Says:

    I’d love some free business cards *crosses fingers*

    Angie Bowens last blog post..Inspiration in Orange!

  2. The Thinking Blog Says:

    If I win, I will build a castle of cards where I’d draft my plans on taking over the World!

    *necessary evil laugh

    The Thinking Blogs last blog post..What Really Causes Falling Stars

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  4. dhadha Says:

    Hey! Thanks for submitting. This is a nice contest!

    – I blogged it here:

    – My answer to your question: Well, if I win, I will give it to all my online friends. I believe it can help me promote my online shop. :)

    dhadhas last blog post..1,000 Free Business Cards Giveaway

  5. Stephen-Michael Says:

    I would love love love this!

  6. Stephen-Michael Says:

    I woud love love love this! I would use the cards to help promote my online virtual real estate assistant business.

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  8. Navjot Singh Says:

    Blogged about the contest at

    Hope this gets you more entries.

    Navjot Singhs last blog post..Win 1000 Business Cards from PSD RockStar

  9. EmmaB Says:

    Well, if I win the business cards I will use them to promote my Interweb businesses. :)

  10. Sherry Says:

    okay I don’t have any business cards, I do hope I win them and print my very own business card. Promote my blogs with them.

    Sherrys last blog post..Progrecious Giveaway worth more than $650

  11. Sherry Says:

    I have post the contest at

    Sherrys last blog post..Win 1000 business cards!

  12. amber Says:

    Ooh I’d love these! I need some business cards for my website to send along with contest prizes and such.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!!

  13. wiehanne Says:

    What will I do with the card? Create my own business card, of course. I’m a freelance designer without business card for more than half year.

    I’ve posted it here:

    wiehannes last blog post..Uber contest from mommawannabe

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  15. Riyanne Says:

    What will you do if you win these business cards?
    After three years of working for the organization that I worked for now, I am gladly to say that I am not renewing my contract in order to advance my career \. I would certainly need the business cards for my career change.

    Blogged it on:

    Riyannes last blog post..Case Study: Increase your blog statistics through blog contest

  16. linda Says:

    If I win these free business cards, I would print self-promotion designs that would augment my design stardom journey, so I could take over the world one day! HA HA HA! (Something like that)

  17. Steve Says:

    I would use them to promote the launch of my new blog

  18. Shelley K Says:

    I would use them to promote my website. Thanks for the giveway :)

  19. Kelly Purves Says:

    if I won 1000 business cards I’d … er… give them to 1000 people

    Kelly Purvess last blog illustration – with an abundance of texture and detail!

  20. Kin Says:

    I’d take those cards and use them as a foundation stone building my own business.

  21. Tylyn Says:

    if i won 1000 business cards, i’d leave them blank, so i could draw little pictures and doodles and then hand them out to cheer people up.

  22. Jordan Sharp Says:

    Winning these business cards would mean the world to me! Ive never won anything… and it would help me promote my site a lot!! As for what i would do if i won…
    I would start off by jumping up and down frantically for about half an hour. Followed by emailing every person i know/ dont know. Finally i would keel over and dream of swimming in busines cards…
    THATS what i would do!

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  26. Free Online Advertising Says:

    Great post. We found lots of people are using free online advertising sites such as the site to get more exposure online, sell stuff online and advertise blogs.

  27. Rhonda Says:

    I think I found the contest a bit too late.

  28. Otomatik Kepenk Adana Says:

    Great cards thank you. otomatik kepenk adana

  29. Techy Says:

    Theres a similar Uprinting Give-Away at:

    For those weren’t lucky enough to get from here :)

  30. yousif Says:

    I will benefit from it to creat mine cards

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