Canon EF-S 10-22mm F/3.5-4.5 USM

Objektivtyp: Wide Angle Zoom Brennweite: 10-22mm
Gewicht: 385g Motor: USM
Bildstabilisierung: No
Weitere details:
  • 6 diaphragm blades
    13 elements, 10 groups
Rating: 80% (from 3 reviews)

User Comments

I have been a nature advocate since childhood. In the last 2 years I have become an avid landscape photographer, picking up with the DSLR craze. I purchased the Canon 7D and the Canon wide angle 10-22mm. Not only is this lens light in weight, it is pretty cool looking on the camera. When I first mounted the lens and went to focus it, I had to look twice in front of me and see how I was standing, because I could see my feet in the viewfinder, I thought something was wrong. This is definitely a wide angle lens, even on a crop camera.
The results are just shy of stunning. The colors are beautiful, with the lens producing realistic renditions and picking up detail of the landscape through most of the image, from the foreground all the way to the distant background. Distant shots do no show much distortion at all, and if one is to use LR3, the software does well to correct the little bit of distortion. I do not see much CA in the image either. The hood is a must for most of the different lighting one deals with during the natural lighting the day provides.

I have also used the lens to shoot tall buildings in NYC. This is a lot of fun, capturing these huge structures with this lens. Distortion can be an issue, again, LR3 and a little creativity can help reduce the issue. Or one can use the distortion as part of the artistic feature of the image.

All in all, a great lens, not too pricey considering the great quality this lens offers. I find myself packing this lens in my bag each and every time I take my 7D with me on an adventure.
Pierre Belarge16/11/2010

This is a really fun lens. I've rented it twice and used with my Canon XSi to get some really great, creative results. It's great for landscapes and cityscapes and quite sharp.
Ester Bedard27/10/2010