Canon EOS 500D / Digital Rebel T1i

Gestartet 2009 15MP
Sensor: Cropped Fokusteile: 9
Gewicht: 480g Wechselobjektive: Canon EF/EFS
Speicher: Secure Digital
Weitere details:
  • 3" LCD Screen
    Plastic body construction
    ISO range 100-12800
Rating: 86% (from 3 reviews)

User Comments

I love my canon 500D. The camera takes amazing pictures and video. There are so many features to the camera, which are pretty easy to learn and get the hang of. The camera features a nice big screen to view your pictures on or to take pictures using the live view feature. There is a creative mode that features different styles to take your picures in, including black and white. I also love that the camera has a very fast shutter speed that you adjust up to 1/2500th of a second. Very nice camera.
Chelsea Disher21/11/2010

Canon seems to have made standard the HD video shooting, making it as simple as shooting stills. I love being able to understand how to use this camera without having to wade through piles of manuals. I can pick up the camera and within a couple of seconds I'm out shooting. The other feature I adore here is the fill light compensation. Not being a particularly knowledgeable photographer, being able to view and take pictures of a scene with dark and light areas knowing that the end product will have details in the shadows and clarity in the light areas makes me feel like every picture I take is better than the one before.
Terry Frazer01/11/2010