Nikon D3S

2009 12MP
Type de capteur: Full Frame : 51
Poids: 1246g : Nikkor G/D/AF/DX
Stockage: Compact Flash
  • Metal body construction
    3" LCD Screen
    ISO range: 100-102,400
Rating: 100% (from 1 review)

User Comments

still massively overpriced secondhand, if you really need to shoot video on a DSLR buy a D600 or even a D5000, compared to the D3 in real world usage and as a secondhand purchase the S is a waste of money.
Tony Papagallo11/10/2013

I was totally blown aware when I first had the chance to actually handle one of these beauties , since the roll out I have been starstruck with the reveiws about this piece of heaven . I had probably searched every website , reading and checking up on this piece of equipment , to be honest I had run out of my cap on two occasions ! What I really love about the camera is it simple features , that give it a stylish and professional look , there is something about the camera that makes me go weak in the knee's , like love at first site !Me , not being a professional but more of an advanced amatuer , I was totally blown away by the specs of this beast , from its 12.1 mega pixel full frame feature , its pretty awesome ISO range of 200 -12 800 plus many more wonderful features , this is what dreams are made of ....That dream came true when I had run into a professional photographer at a Photographic Expo , walking around the stores and display we came across a photographer who I started chatting to , it so happended he had one of these dream camera's as part of his equipment . I had told him that this camera is what I have been dreaming of , he laughed away for a short minute , turned around and handed me the beauty , he said " Go ahead , take a couple shots ! " I was so blown away that I almost fainted with this pricely camera around my neck .... I am still busy saving still , it will be a while before I have the right amount so I think I will still carry on dreaming ....
Steve Attwell21/10/2010