The Pentax 50mm F1.4 has an average review score of 77.5%

Score (%):
Pentax smc FA 50mm 1:1.4 review
So in summary, this is a lens that you buy for its stellar performance when stopped down a bit, and for the fact that it can be opened up to F1.4 when necessary rather than the imagery it creates when it gets there.
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Pentax SMC-FA 50mm f/1.4 - Review
The Pentax SMC-FA 50mm f/1.4 is an oldie but a goodie. At medium apertures the lens is capable to produce stellar resolution figures. Typical for such lenses the results are a bit soft at f/1.4 and less so at f/2 but still usable. Distortions and vignetting are very well controlled.
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