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florencia darlene Winship

Posted by jconanan on Saturday, November 28th, 2015

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“Buck 4 money” And a Silent sell. Buck 4 money

Posted by jconanan on Thursday, November 26th, 2015

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Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills

Posted by Nisha Gandhi on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010


Here we will be converting a daytime image into a night one.

The PSD file for this tutorial can be found at the bottom of  the post

Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills, This is the original image which we will be converting it into a night one. Click this image to download the original image.

The original image

This is the final image we will be creating.

The final image

STEP 1 : In the first step remove the sky  from the original image.  You can use the pen tool or any other selection tool  for removing the sky, buy Adipex-P from mexico. Where to buy Adipex-P, I have indicated the area to be removed with the red arrows. I have used the pen tool to select the sky.

select the sky

This is the image we get after removing the sky, Adipex-P prescriptions. Online buying Adipex-P hcl, The removed sky is pasted on another layer.

The sky removed

STEP 2: Now go to Blending options> color overlay . Select blending mode as "Color", Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills. Choose the color #56c1ff

step-2: Color overlay

STEP 3: Now go to blending options>gradient overlay, Adipex-P in uk. Adipex-P in us, Select the gradient "yellow-green-blue". Now set the blending mode to color burn.

step-3: Gradient overlay

STEP 4:  Now the image looks like this with the pasted sky layer.


STEP 5: Apply the effects color overlay and gradient overlay to the sky layer, Adipex-P buy. Purchase Adipex-P online, The same options are applied as mentioned in steps 2 and 3. Now the image looks like this.

step-5: Apply the same  color and gradient effects to the sky

Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills, STEP 6: Now add the moon. Click the image to download the moon image.

step-6 add moon

STEP 7: Change the blending mode of the moon to screen.


STEP 8: Apply blending options> outer glow to the moon.


Apply Inner glow to the moon, buy Adipex-P online without a prescription. Adipex-P trusted pharmacy reviews, The settings are as shown.


Now apply Satin effect to the moon. The settings are as shown.


Now apply color overlay to the moon, Adipex-P discount. Buy Adipex-P no prescription, The settings are as shown.


Now apply gradient overlay. The settings are as shown.


STEP 9: Now with a small sized brush(1-2 px), buy cheap Adipex-P no rx, Sale Adipex-P, draw the stars.

step-9 : Draw stars

STEP 10: Now apply outer glow to the stars. The settings are as shown.


STEP 11: Now adjust the levels, Adipex-P in australia. Adipex-P craiglist, The settings are as shown.

step-11: Levels

THE FINAL IMAGE WE GET...............

The final image


You can download the PSD file here

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10 Responses to “Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills”

  1. Don Pedro Says:

    great tut,Ijust needed it

  2. Stephen Says:

    On first look your night picture looks great. A closer look reveals that the shadows are not right.

    I liked your tutorial because it helped me learn more about multiple blending effects. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mukesh Srivastava Says:

    Great tutorial and well explained, Nisha!!!! I love to see a teacher in you……

  4. Dan Says:

    Not a bad tutorial at all but a little too blue in the end result. I would have removed some of the saturation I think to give it some added realism. Good job!

  5. Aurora Says:

    Wow! Thank you!
    This tutorial was real good!

  6. Jason Says:

    I liked your tutorial because it helped me learn more about multiple blending effects. Keep up the good work.

  7. Sibylle Says:

    Wonderfull tutorial with nice pics to explain blending effects.
    Good work !

  8. Vince Says:

    Downloaded PSD and did my version.Jpeg:

  9. Nolan Says:

    A great start on how to convert a day image into night. Just a few thoughts though. Placing the moon conveniently at the top right corner seemed to obvious, making it less realistic. Perhaps try a different location, maybe just have a little portion of it showing off the image. Also, the lighting on the landscape mismatches the moon… it certainly looks like the light is coming from the front of the image, totally contradicting the position of the moon. Just my two cents. Great tutorial though :-)

  10. r j Says:

    a nice explanation on blending effects:

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