Nikon D90

Launched 2008 Resolution 12MP
Sensor type: Cropped Focusing elements: 11
Weight: 620g Lens fitting: Nikkor DX/AF/G/D
Storage: Secure Digital
Other details:
  • 3" LCD screen
    Plastic/metal body construction
    ISO range 100-6400
Rating: 87% (from 3 reviews)

User Comments

I bought the D90 about 6 months ago for my Photography business and couldn't be happier. I started out with the D40 and although it is a great camera I can tell the huge difference in photos taken in low light with the D90. Also I can take AWESOME photos inside with this camera.
April Russell05/11/2010

The D90 while catering to the amateur user market simultaneously captured the needs of a mid- level/prosumer market. Quite simply its loaded with functions that make the shooting experience for a user of either category sheer joy. The top panel LCD is very convenient. You‚??d also find that the sensor-cleaning function on the D90 comes in seriously handy if you find yourself changing lenses in less than ideal environments.
Anthony Rampersad29/10/2010

The D90 has proven a great workhorse camera for me. Although it lacks somethings that the higher end models have (Understandabely) for it's price point, you can't ask for anything more. I have taken countless photos that have been published with this camera.
Eric Reichbaum28/10/2010