Nikkor AF 50mm F/1.8D

Lens type: Standard Focal range: 50mm
Weight: 155g Motor type:
Image stabilisation: No
Other details:
  • 6 elements, 5 groups
    7 diaphragm blades
    0.45m closest focusing distance
Rating: 84% (from 3 reviews)

User Comments

got one on its way, 50 mm 1.8g nixon. cant wait after all the reviews i have read think i am going to have some fun, .thanks for all the reviews, help me choose , as you say pretty cheap for such a good lems keep up the reviews helps everybody out thanks again.

This lens is one that everyone should have in their kitbag. The f/1.8 variant is so cheap, yet produces excellent results, it has to be the best value-for-money of any lens that Nikon produce.

I opted for the f/1.4 variant. It's more expensive, and offered an extra 1/2 stop. Was it worth it? I don't know. But it does produce images which have a different feel to the f/1.8, and if you want ultra low DOF, this is the lens to go for.

It's solidly made, with the only moving parts being the focus ring, and the aperture ring (which is locked down at f/16 for aperture control from the camera). I know friends who have dropped theirs from quite a height, and they've survived with nothing more than some cosmetic damage.
Stephen Barnes05/12/2010

WOW! This lens has rocked my world. Most of my other lenses were zoom lens so I am now fully addicted to the 50 mm. I love the bokah it provides and I LOVE the awesomeness it brings to inside photos. I adore that i can shoot a wedding dim light and get a beautiful clear photo as compared to my zoom lens that blurs. HIGHLY recommend this and it is well worth the money!
April Russell Photography05/11/2010

I'm loving my new 50 mm lens for it's 1.8 aperture. Captures great light. Not always the most convenient lens for groups, some full body shots in studio or extreme closeups but a good lens for capturing a good bit of everything else.

Its a great lens for the price and definitely one I would consider buying
Isla Duffy31/10/2010

this lens hasn't come off my camera since I purchased it. It's a great overall portrait lens and allows me to open up very wide and still nail sharpness in low light conditions.
cayce elms27/10/2010

I LOVE this lens...very sharp and I use it for all my portraits!
cayce elms27/10/2010