Nikon D80

Launched 2006 Resolution 10MP
Sensor type: Cropped Focusing elements: 11
Weight: 585g Lens fitting: Nikkor G/D/DX/AF
Storage: Secure Digital
Other details:
  • 2.5" LCD Screen
    Plastic body construction
    ISO range: 100-3200
Rating: 87% (from 3 reviews)

User Comments

I purchased my Nikon D80 on eBay as a bundle with 3 other lenses, I think you get a pretty good deal if you do it like this!

So, my first impressions of the Nikon D80.... I'm used to using Canon SLR's and have used them frequently in the past, so my initial reaction is that the Nikon D80 is a bit smaller than what I'm used to. There are a LOT of buttons to play around with around the camera body which is a bit daunting, but once I've gotten used to them and their position that should be fine. I miss the selector wheel at the back of my old Canon, as the Nikon has a cursor button instead.

The images I've taken so far with this camera have been excellent, I don't know whether that's down more to the lens or the camera, but I can't fault the image quality. I'm looking forward to getting my first decent wide angle lens to try on it.

So overall, pretty impressed, slight problems with learning what buttons do what, but that's my issue and not the cameras!
Jeremy Black16/11/2010