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Posted by Joe on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Are you a photoshop guru? Writing tutorials can be quite a challenge, and is always on the lookout for talented photoshoppers

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Download 30 sets of free Social Bookmarking Icons

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This free icon sets collection contains all most all popular social media icons like, Digg, Mixx, DesignBump, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Developer Zone, DesignFloat, Technorati, Twitter and RSS feed. The icons which you see below are some real creative and most beautiful, ranging from web 2.0 to hand drawn designs. Although initially intended to be used […]

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Create a Lollipop Girl in Photoshop

Posted by Puneeta Prakash on Friday, October 30th, 2009


Hi again, today I’m going to demonstrate you how to make a Lollipop Girl in Photoshop. I have used Photoshop CS2 for this tutorial. Please note that this is an advanced photoshop tutorial and I consider my readers to know how to use Pen Tool well. Anyways, beginners may find it difficult but practice always makes a man perfect. So, don’t hesitate to try it!

Here is the final image of what we are going to make.


Let’s Begin.

Create a new document with width 864px and height 1152px with resolution as 100px and background as transparent.


Making of the Hair and Face:

Now select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and draw a circle of  218px width and 205px height. Fill it with #f5dbaf. Name this “face”.

We will make the hair now. Create a new folder above the “face” layer and name it as “hair”. Now create a new layer and select the Pen Tool (P). Make a shape something as shown below. Fill it with #2e1801. Name it as “hair_bg”.


Let’s give some highlights to her hair. Select the pen tool again and create some shapes above the “hair_bg”. Use random colors for it. I have used #81613f, #906231, #81613f, #ff9d54 and #af7940. Always experiment with different colors. I have made this.


Remember to keep all the highlights and the “hair_bg” in the same “hair” folder. Now lock this folder and switch off the layer visibility.

Create a new folder and name it as “eye” above the “face” layer. Select Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and make a circle with 22px width and height. Fill it with #ffffff and give a #000000 border to it. Create a new layer and make a circle with 17px width and height. Fill it with #32bde5.


After switching on the layer visibility of the “hair” folder you should have made something as shown below.


Select Pen Tool (P) again and in a new layer create her nose. Fill it with #81613f.


We will give some freckles on the girl’s face now. For this select Rounded Brush Tool (B) with 1px diameter and color #81613f. Randomly create the freckles on both sides of her cheeks.


Now select Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and create a circle of 30px width and height above the freckles layer. Fill it with #f8a49f.


Now duplicate this pink blusher layer and fill it with #f73c5a. Now go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Keep the Radius as 3.9px. Click OK.


Press Ctrl+T to transform the selection to 85%.


Make a new layer again and select Pen Tool (P). Make a small lip shape as shown and fill it with #ce567a.


We will make her neck now. So, select the Pen Tool (P) again and above the “face” layer and below the “hair” folder make a new layer and make a shape as shown below.


Making Her T-Shirt:

Above the neck layer make a new folder. Name it as “t-shirt”. Create a new layer and select the Pen Tool (P). Create the t-shirt as shown. Fill it with #e10a0a.


Let’s add some design to it. With the help of Pen Tool (P) and Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) I have made something like this. You can obviously make your own different patterns.


In a new layer above the “t-shirt” layer create a rectangle of 147px width and 22px height using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M). Fill it with #44cefb.


Now create another layer above this t-shirt layer and select the Brush Tool (B). Select the Dune Grass brush with 30px diameter. Select #bffdfa color as Foreground and randomly make some fur on top of the blue layer.


Making of Her Jeans:

Make a new folder above the “t-shirt” folder and name it as “jeans”. Create a new layer in it and select Pen Tool (P). Start making her jeans as shown. Fill it with #000d11.


Once you are done with it duplicate it and press Ctrl+T to transform. Flip Horizontal and place it as shown.


We will make the zip now. For this in a new layer select Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and make a rectangle of 6px width 27px height. Fill it with #013140. Place it above the two jeans layer so that it looks like a zip layer.


We will give some stitch pattern to this. So make a new layer above this rectangle layer and make some rectangles of 1px width and 2px height using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and fill it with #74858b. Duplicate it and make a stitch pattern.


In a new layer, create a circle of 45px width and 44px height with the help of Elliptical Marquee Tool (M). Fill it with #74858b. Make this circle near the sides of the jeans to give it a feel of jeans pockets. Once you are done select the layer and Ctrl+click on the right jeans layer. With the selection on, Add Layer Mask to the pocket layer.


Now in a new layer as you made the stitches before make the same for the pockets too. Now duplicate both the pocket and the stitch layer and place it on the other left side too.


We are done with the jeans now!

Making of Her Shoes:

Create a new folder beneath the “jeans” folder. Name it as “right_shoes”. Make a new layer and select Rectangular Marquee tool (M). Create a rectangle of 30px width and 7px height. Fill it with # fcfacd. This will look as socks.


Create a new layer and select Pen Tool (P). With #032a73 as Foreground Color create a shoe shape.


We will make the lace holes in the shoe now. Select #fcfacd color as Foreground and make a circle of 3px width and 3px height with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M). Duplicate it to get this.


Time to create the shoe lace! Again, in a new layer with Pen Tool (P) create a lace as shown. Fill it with #70c2dd.


With the lace holes it will appear like this.


The shoe is almost done. But some highlights are missing. So, select the Round Brush Tool (B) with 3px diameter and create two strokes as shown with # 0880a8 color.


Similarly, with the help of Pen Tool (P) make a shape as shown for highlighting the shoe. I have used #066296 for this.


We are done with the shoe now. Duplicate this full “right_shoes” folder and place it as the left shoe. Modify the shoe shape a bit so that both don’t look the same.


We have made this much till now.


Making of Her Hands:

Create a new folder above the “neck” layer and name it as “hands”. Select the Pen Tool (P) and create a hand shape as shown. Fill it with #f5dbaf.


Similarly, make her right hand too. But this time fill it with #dec08e.


Making of the Candy:

Below her left hand create a line with the Line Tool (U) with weight as 3px. Fill it with #000000. Press Ctrl+T and rotate the stick to -32 degree.


In a new layer make a circle with Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) of 38px width and height. Fill it with #ab7bf2. Place it near the stick.


Now, select the Rounded Brush Tool (B) with 5px diameter and create a spiral above the lollipop circle. I have used #6d39bc color for this.


Double click on the layer and set the following Layer Styles.

Drop Shadow: Blend Mode: Multiply, Opacity: 75%, Angle: 120 degree, Distance: 5px, Spread: 2px, Size: 0px.

Bevel and Emboss: Style: Pillow Emboss, Technique: Smooth, Depth: 16%, Direction: Up, Size: 0px, Soften: 0px, Angle: 120 degree, Altitude: 30 degree, Glass Contour: Cone, Highlight Mode: Vivid Light, Color: White, Opacity: 75%

Stroke: Size: 2px, Position: Outside, Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 100%, Fill Type: Color, Color: #a375e7




Click OK. Your Lollipop will look like this now.


Making of Her Jewelry:

We will make some jewels now. Make a layer above the “neck” layer. And make a small circle of 5px width and 5px height with Elliptical Marquee Tool (M). Fill it with # 03c0fd.


We will make a pendant for this.

Make a small circle of 5px width and 5px height with Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and fill it with #ffffff and place it below the blue beads.


Give some shine in #ffffff to the blue beads.


You can give a sparkle too to the pendant.


Making of the Shadow:

Add some shadow effect so that the picture looks real. I have used Pen Tool (P) for this and have used #000000 color. Decrease the opacity to 7%.


Making of the Background:

Now, you have finished with making the Lollipop girl. Just need to add a good background to it. Make a new layer beneath all the layers and select the Gradient Tool (G). Make a gradient with #efd39c and #eea982.


Select the Radial Gradient and make a gradient as shown.



So, now your Lollipop Girl is all ready! Hope you enjoyed reading and doing this tutorial. Feel free to ask any questions if you think I have missed out something or if somewhere the technique was not very clear.

Enjoy working with photoshop!!

Download the psd file from here.

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